Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Contrary Polish River Market

When I came home from work last Friday, knackered and exhausted, I found the famous lock of my mailbox twisted - nail mail???? But according to my account, there was nothing due…. Guess the surprise when I found an envelope sent from the lovely Carrie from Contrary Polish holding three full size bottles of her late Fall Collection No Place Like Home.

Carrie sent me the loveliest e-mail some months after Mark passed away, expressing her empathy and condolences that touched me tremendously. Carrie offered me to send three of her new polishes for Fall just as a gift and a little cheer-up - how sweet is THIS? I could even list my preferred colors. You cannot imagine how spoilt I felt!! Now the package took its own sweet time to arrive at my door - more than two months!!!! What can I say, Carrie picked EXACTLY my favorite colors and I am super exited to show them this week. First up my favorite, Contrary Polish River Market. A deep dark purple jelly filled with red glimmer-shimmer!!!

the above pictures are taken indoors in daylight, the below photos outdoors in the sun

and the last photo is taken outdoors in the shade

I applied three coats of Contrary Polish River Market over Essence Hardening Nail Base. This is a very true jelly being sheer and a tad thin. Still it was quite easy to get an even application and opacity was built up nicely. However, it certainly wasn't a brilliant idea to do the application being totally knackered and already half asleep, hence some weird contours at the base of my nails, but at least the base color is clearly visible - LOL!!! The polish dries in reasonable time to a soft shine. I added one coat of Essence Better Then Gel Nails Top Sealer to achieve a high gloss finish and make the glimmer-shimmer glow up.

On another Blog - I believe it was The Polishaholic - I read that if we like Crows Toes Tiki Torch, we probably like River Market too - well this is certainly true for myself and since I have that one too, I thought I show them side by side:

Ring: one coat of Crows Toes Tiki Torch over my River Market mani
Middle: four coats of Crows Toes Tiki Torch
Index: three coats of Contrary Polish River Market

I couldn't resist adding this blurry shot:

..and here in the sun

Now what do you think? Both of them awesomely gorgeous, right?

Final thoughts: Contrary Polish River Market is knocking me out of my socks!!! Seriously, those red glowing sparks are breathtaking IRL and unfortunately I could not bring them as much to play in my photos as I wished but it was slightly overcast and the sun most of the time hid behind a veil of thin clouds. 

Contrary Polish are available with Llarowe and MeiMei Signatures.

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. This post warms my heart ♥ River Market and Tiki Torch are both gorgeous and you captured them beautifully. What a wonderful surprise. :) :)

    1. Awwww thank you Liesl <3!!!! I was quite overwhelmed I have to admit!! And thank you for your lovely comment about my pictures. Jen from The Polishaholic has done a far better job I find but my photos actually show quite acqurately what River Market would look in a less than sparkly day!!! xxx

  2. Ok, so I'll have to get River Market! Absolutely gorgeous!

    1. LOL - you will love it, it deserves its place right next to Tiki Torch ;-)

  3. Aww what a wonderful thing for Carrie to do! I'm glad her gifts cheered you up. <3 River Market is really pretty with all those glowy shimmers in there! :)

    ~ Yun

    1. Thank you Yun - I was really deeply touched, what a lovely thing to do from Carrie!!! River Market is one of those polishes that sort of hover in the front of my mind whispering "use me again" ;-)

  4. What a nice gesture! And Carrie chose a true beauty, this one's on my wishlist, too ;-)

  5. That was so sweet and thoughtful of her:) These are both gorgeous!

  6. Oh, what a nice gift. I really like the polish (or well both of them) There's something special about polishes that have a contrast glitter/shimmer in them.