Sunday, 3 February 2013

My NOTD's of the Week

I love to do themed weeks for my Blog and for once I also did my NOTD's as a theme. I did not succeed though but on to this later. I have splurged on the latest Collaboration polishes by Picture Polish and this week I wore (nearly) all of my new purchases.

I started with Focus created in collaboration with Pointless Cafe - one of my favorite Blogs out there. Sheila was the reason why I got all pulled in to the Jindie Nails polish frenzy - b.t.w. thank you Sheila, I love them all!!

But on to Focus:

This is another typical Picture Polish shade. They really got the knack to create shimmer, glassfleck polishes that apply flawlessly. Focus is so multi-faceted and glowy (I hope you know what I mean) I cannot stop staring at my nails. I applied two coats over Nail Nation 3000 Base Coat and finished with one coat of Nail Nation Top Coat.

Of course I also had to get my nails on to Atomic - the Collaboration Shade created with Sarah from Samarium's Swatches. I admire her work and love to ogle her masterpieces on her Blog and on Instagram. Of course I just had to have that shade.

 I applied three coats of Atomic over Butter London Nailfoundation and used Butter London Hardwear as Top Coat. Since this polish is also meant to use for layering it is sheer but very easily buildable to opacity. Again the formula is immaculate and application a piece of cake.

And here comes Mallard - this unique gem was created in collaboration with The Polish Aholic. This was one of my first go to Blogs long before I started blogging myself for checking out polishes I was interested in. Her stash is amazing and her reviews are always spot on.

This shows two coats of Mallard. As all week I wore Butter London Nailfoundation as Base Coat and Butter London Hardwear as Top Coat. Unfortunately the weather was just too dull to permit this polish to truly come alive. At least you can see all of Mallard's gorgeousness in the bottle in this picture. I cannot wait to wear it on sunnier and brighter days!!!!

On Thursday my intention to wear only Picture Polish all week got intercepted by awesome nailmail from wonderful Liesl (oh you really spoiled me with this box) from Liesl Loves Pretty Things. How could I possibly resist wearing one of those beauties? It was already pitch dark when I got home from a rotten day at the office so this really lifted my heart and spirits. I picked Sinful Colors Endless Blue - a totally unknown polish to date for me and just look at this blue craziness:

The formula is thin but very pigmented. I only needed two coats for getting this beauty opaque. This is such a saturated formula, it nearly glows with neon force in sunlight (yup, we had about 10 minutes of sun Friday and Saturday). I again used Butter London Nailfoundation and finished the look with Butter London Hardwear. And then I just could not resist slapping on one coat of Opi The Man With the Golden Gun. 

OK so my weekly question to you: which was your favorite mani? Oh mind you, there is a blue-oholic out there who's response I already guess ;-).

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


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    1. Thank you Ina xxx - hope you have a lovely Sunday <3

  2. Endless Blue looks smokin' with the gold flakies! I love it! You wear blues so very well :) Awesome Picture Polish swatches, too. Mallard looks kind of fascinating and I LOVE that light silver foil. Have an awesome day and I hope you're back to good health ♥

    1. Hi Liesl, you picked awesome colors for me :-)!!! I hope I soon can post some better photos of Mallard and Atomic became my favorite neutral!!! I am back to good health and had a wonderfully lazy weekend with my hubby. I hope the flu has disappeared for good and that you enjoy a wonderful weekend xxx

  3. Hi pet! They are all lovely but my favourite is (as you might already have guessed ;)) the blue one from Sinful Colors!! What a glowing blue!!! :D Love it!!
    Have u had a good weekend?
    I've been working 18 hours this week end and just got home... I feel exhausted...
    Promise to reply to your e-mail shortly! So sorry for the delay!! :/

    1. Hi cupcake - haha I was referring to you in my note about a blue lover ;-)!!!! Oh my 18 hours on a weekend - bummer, hope you have the next few days off!!! Take care xxx

  4. Hi Christine! I loove your nails of this week!
    You've made it so difficult to choose a favorite, they're all perfect in their own way. I like Mallard, but also the others... just too hard to choose one!
    Hope you're doing well! bisous, xxx

    1. Salut Nati - Merci mille fois xxx!!!! Yay, this is what I call a perfect week - impossible to pick a favorite :-). I am pretty well, thank you.Bisous to you too

  5. Thank you so much for the support in buying my shade!! <3
    It looks wonderful on you! (Though they all do!)

    1. Hi Sarah, thank you soooo much for taking the time to visit and leave such a lovely comment :-). I am sure I will reach often for Atomic and it will have plenty of appearances in my NOTDs of the week!!!